Pokemon Account with many shinies and some unique/rares.

The Account is from 2019 (3 Years old) and is level 26 [Blue Team].

There are:

44x Shinies (1x Legendary)
21x Legendaries (6x Mewtwo with Legacy Move Psystrike 2x Shiny 1x Regional)
3x Mythical (1x Shiny)
7x Event Pokemon (All 4 Shiny Pikachu with hat of the "2020 Throwback" Event)
1x Shadow without "Frustation" Move (Dragonite 86IV)

Nickname is changeable!

After Purchase you'll receive ID and Password and instructions on how to change Email and Password by email.

Please note that if you decide to spoof using this account, PokeMarkett will not be responsable of any eventual ban.

Account 5 - Shinies/Rares/High CP [Blue Team] - Pokemon GO

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