Reward System and VIP Tiers

PokeMarkett together with quality pokemons decided to reward loyal customers in 2 fantastic ways. You can earn Points while shopping from our store and exchange points for free items or vouchers/discounts. 
Plus there are VIP tiers. The tiers give you some cool unique free stuff once you reach the tier and permanent points multipler.

**You need and Account to get Points and VIP tiers**

There are 2 way to gain points on our website, the first is by inviting friends, when you invite a friend and your friend makes a purchase on our website you both get 100 points as reward. The second way is by purchasing from our website, get 10 points each € you spend and exchange them anytime you want for free rewards.
The points never expire, so you're free to use them whenever you like.

With Vip tiers you can multiply the points you get as follow:

Vip 2 = instead of 10 you get 12 for each € spend
Vip 3 = instead of 10 you get 15 for each € spend
Vip 4 = instead of 10 you get 20 for each € spend
pokemon reward system

How to redeem Points
On the right low corner you'll find a green button with a present icon.
There you can see everything: how many points you have, your VIP tier progression and redeem points for rewards.

Click on "Redeem Points" and choose one of the rewards you want.
Once you selected your reward and you've enough points for it, you'll receive a coupon code to use on checkout.

If you selected a % or amount discount, simply put everything you like in your cart and on checkout enter the coupon code and the discount will be applied.
If you selected a free product like a Mystery Egg you'll have to put the product in your cart and on checkout enter the coupon, you'll receive a discount equal to the product value, in this case a discount of 4€.

VIP Tiers
There are 4 different VIP tiers on our website, each tier gives better rewards.
Everyone starts from Vip 0 when first registering on the website.
Requirements for tier up

Vip 1
You need to spend a total of: 100€
You get: 10€ voucher

Vip 2
You need to spend a total of: 250€
You get: 40% discount on the next order + x1.2 points multipler

Vip 3
You need to spend a total of: 500€
You get: 50% discount on the next order + 50€ voucher + x1.5 points multipler

Vip 4
You need to spend a total of: 1000€
You get: 100€ voucher + 15% lifetime discount + x2 points multipler

more tiers to come..?

pokemon vip tier

Vip tiers stay forever.