5 Good Reasons why PokeMarkett

1. Legit and Safe

From the 2013 till today we have sold over 100000 Pokemons, every single Pokemon we make is double checked before giving it to you.
You can buy from us with a peace of mind that everything you get won't give you a bad surprise.

2. Express Delivery

From 8am till 11pm CEST delivery is garanteed almost everytime in around 10 minutes, this can vary if we have some kind of problems or too many orders.

3. We are players aswell

We play Pokemon since 1999 and we play competitive on a high level, this way we know the potential and best build of every single pokemon in single and doubles with unique and original off-meta team comps. If you need advices we are always happy to help, but at the same time we love to see new builds with your creativity.
It doesn't matter if you're a casual player or a competitive pro, here you will always find friendly people ready to grant your wishes.

4. Freebies for long term customers

It's always nice to give some surprise pokemons to people that have been ordering many times from us, so you can expect something for free if you decide to buy regulary from us.

5. We are more than a Shop

In all these months that we've been selling, it's nice that some of you are stick with us, even speaking of casual things, other interests, sharing passions and ideas. We've also been playing other games with some of you. ❤️